Eurovision Race Starting Thursday at Casino Saga

Eurovision at Casino Saga

The glamour from the music festival has created a Free Spin rain over Saga Island. Catch the spins before the dressed up Boss find them!

Players can get up to 555 free spins in Stickers!

-Play any game of your choice.
-Keep a safe distance from the Boss.
-Collect up to 555 Free Spins in Stickers!

At midday each day until Sunday 24.05.2015 11:59 (CET) new Free Spin will be up for grabs!

How does it work?

From Thursday at noon the race vs a boss starts. The player race by playing casino games, the more the player plays the faster he or she will move on the progress bar. If the player is quicker than the boss – player will be able to collect free spins.

So the more the player play the more free spins can be collected!

This campaign starts Thursday at noon and each race is 24h. There will be a total of three races.

Start collecting your free spins now >>