belongs to your Media and therefore applies the company’s privacy policy.

In You Media (“You Media”, “We”, “Us”), we process personal data about our customers and visitors (“You”) on our websites. We strive to carefully process your personal data and keep it safe and follow the laws of data protection.

Your Media is engaged in online performance marketing and possible sales creation in Malta and its subsidiary organizations.

How does this policy work?

The aim of this policy is to explain the information that may be related to you (“personal data”) when, why and how we work. It also provides important information about your legal rights. This policy does not aim to invalidate the terms of any contract you make with us or the rights you may have within the scope of data protection laws.

Click on a topic on the list below to find more detailed information about individual topics by following various links. We have tagged the sections of the policy to make it easier for you to get the most relevant information with you.

Personal data responsible for protecting?

Your registered address is Malta, your Operations Ltd is mainly responsible for your personal data (data controller). The data manager means the company that determines the means of processing and objectives of personal data.

Although we are mainly responsible for the protection of your personal data, you should know that information can be kept in databases accessible by other companies. While accessing your personal data, all companies will comply with the standards specified in this policy.

Your Media is a group of companies in various countries, such as the European Union, Australia, Japan and the USA.

Which personal data we are processing?

We can process the following personal data about you:

  • Name
  • E-mail address
  • IP address
  • Usage of Website
  • The content you send, for example posts, comments, personal preferences, opinions, chats.
  • Other information: You can choose to provide other information directly to us or we can request other information from you. For example, we can collect other information when we consider a complaint sent by you, use forum and live chat functions or contact us in another way.

What are we using to work and when do we work for personal data?

Your Media will collect information directly from you when you use our services or visit our websites.

We use your personal data for the following purposes:

  • Contact you and answer your questions, for example, through our live chat or support center
    Send promotion e-mails for products and services. Also see section 6 below for direct marketing.
  • To analyze the information in our systems and databases to improve our work and our websites according to user preferences to provide a better service and user experience.
  • Improve and target the ads you receive from us.
    save you for a chat forum or community, for example, the epicbahis forum where you can comment.
  • To provide you with a fair, honest and independent complaint analysis service, if you make a complaint you send through our Casino complaint service, take/direct/direct
  • To fulfill or use our legal obligations or rights. We will process your personal data only for the purposes specified in this section 3 and when we are sure of the following.
  • If you have approved the use of data in this way or
  • Using your personal data is necessary to support the ‘legitimate interests’ that we have as a business (for example, to improve our products, to conduct analytically throughout our data clusters or to provide a fair, honest and independent complaint solution among players). And casinos or game operators), proportional and respects your privacy.

How we share your personal data?

We work with many third party to help manage our business and provide services. These third parties may need to access your personal data from time to time:

  • Your e-mail application providers: EMEA Limited, a limited company established in the UK. Emea Limited, as you can see here, operates as a subsidiary of the confidentiality shield certified, as a subsidiary of Inc. and processes personal data on our behalf;
  • As you can see here, the US -based Aweber Systems, Inc.;
  • Our plug -in provider and as you can see here, Privacy Shield Certified US -based Automattic, Inc. Our server and personal data process on our behalf;
  • Analytical service providers (Google, Hotjar and VWO) that process personal data for their own purposes as data inspections. To determine how to prevent analytical providers from accessing your personal data, please see our cookie policy in the following Annex.
  • Service providers or data processors that operate your personal data according to our instructions, such as cloud services or authentication providers
  • If you complain through our casino complaint service, the casino or game operator you complain about
  • Our subsidiaries in the EU/AEA in or outside your Media group. The transfer of personal data will be subject to In -Group Data Transfer Agreements.
  • If we are obliged to obey a legal obligation or to disclose our interests or security.
  • If we sell, purchase or reorganize any business or presence, or that our assets are purchased by a third party, including possible vendors or buyers.

International Transfers

International transfers mean transfer of personal data to a country outside the European Union.

As mentioned above, we can allow third parties that may be found outside the European Union to access your personal data.

When we receive a legal or regulatory request from a foreign law implementing institution other than the European Union, we can reveal your personal data.

We will always take steps to ensure that any international information transfer is managed to protect your rights and interests. Any information we receive from law enforcement officers or regulators will be carefully checked before the personal data is disclosed.

As mentioned above, you have the right to ask us more information about the security measures we have applied. If you want more information, contact us (see section 8).

Direct marketing

We will use your personal data to send you direct marketing communications about the products and services offered by us and our partners in relation to online casino, sports betting and financial services. This may be in the form of e-mail or targeted online ads.

In some cases, processing your personal data for marketing will be based on our legitimate interests (see chapter above). When necessary, it will be based on your consent.

You always have the right to say no to more direct marketing. You can use the abandonment link you find in all direct marketing communications or by communicating with us (see section 8).

We take steps to limit direct marketing to a reasonable and proportional level and to send you the communications that we think that you may interest or interest you based on the information we have about you.

How long do we keep your personal data?

We will store your personal data as long as it is reasonable for the purposes listed in the 3rd part of this policy.

In some cases, for example, we store your personal data for a certain period of time to meet legal, tax or accounting requirements.

We maintain a data storage policy for personal data in our care. If your personal data is no longer necessary, we will ensure that they are safely deleted or anonymous.

What are your rights?

You have some rights with your personal data. You can find more information about each of these rights by looking at the table given in more detail below.

You can reach your Media in writing by sending an e-mail to [email protected] to exercise your rights or in writing from the address specified in section 1 above.

If you want to use your rights, please pay attention to the following:


You can ask us:

  • Confirm whether we process your personal data;
  • Give you a copy of these data;
  • To provide you with what data we have, what we use for what we use, to whom we disclose, whether we transfer it out of the EU and how we protect it, how long we keep it, and what we keep for you. To the extent that you have not been informed in this policy, we have not been informed in this policy, how you can complain, how you can complain, where you can complain, and whether you have made any automatic decision making or profiles.


You may ask us to correct the wrong personal data.

We can try to confirm the accuracy of the data before correcting.


You may ask us to delete your personal data, but only in these cases:

  • It is no longer necessary for gathering purposes; or
  • You withdrew your consent (in cases where the process is based on consent); or
  • After a successful right to objection (see the ‘objection’ section below); or
  • It was processed illegally; or
  • To comply with a legal obligation.
  • If your personal data needs to be processed, we do not need to comply with your request to delete your personal data:
  • To comply with a legal obligation; or
  • In order to create, implement or defend legal claims;

There are some other situations that do not need to comply with your deletion request, but these two are the most likely situations we will reject this request.


The accuracy is objected to allow us to verify its accuracy (see correction); or

  • The processing is illegal, but you do not want to be deleted; or
  • It is no longer necessary for gathering purposes, but we still need it to create, implement or defend legal claims; or
  • You have exercised the right to appeal and it is expected to confirm the reasons that predominantly.
  • Following a limitation request, we can continue to use your personal data in the following situations:
  • We received your consent; or
  • to create, implement or defend legal demands; or
  • To protect the rights of another real or legal person.


You may ask us to provide you with your personal data structured, widely used, readable by the machine, or ask them to ‘move’ to another data controller directly, but in any case only:

  • Processing is based on your permission or the fulfillment of a contract with you; and
  • The processing is performed by automatic methods.


If you think that your fundamental rights and freedoms are more outweighed than our legitimate interests, you can object to the processing of your personal data, whose legal basis is ‘legitimate interests’.

We have the opportunity to show that we have compelling legitimate interests that invalidate your rights and freedoms.

International Transfers

You may want to refer to a copy of the guards in which your personal data is transferred outside the European Economic Area.

Due to commercial sensitivity, we can correct data transfer contracts or related documents (ie hiding specific information in these documents).

Audit authority

You have the right to complain to the local audit authority responsible for processing your personal data.

Although you have the right to communicate with your supervisory authority at any time, we ask you to try to solve any problem with us first.

Last Updated: June 2022